Teaching Activities

  • The aim of my lecture is to transfer knowledge and encourage the development of innovative approaches.

  • My lectures are based on a teaching philosophy and critically reflective teaching practice that inspires student learning and cultivates a positive attitude towards knowledge.

  • Participated in the trial use of new technologies and integrates new technologies into graduate course teaching.

  • I design and develop learning activities and resources, provide assessment and feedback at both the course and program level using a range of suitable approaches and learning environments that inspire excellence in others through mentorship and peer review.

  • Advanced course lectures are based on the latest research publications and are relevant to stakeholders in the field of expertise in both postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

  • I mentor and provide feedback to students, challenging their thinking and fostering debate to engage in critical discourse and rational thinking.

  • I lead and conduct innovative research for the advancement of knowledge in the relevant topics of the subject.

  • I have mentored and guided students and postdoctoral fellows to obtain research and education grant funding, including external competitive fellowships.

  • I lead strategic initiatives that contribute to engagement and social impact priorities and make internationally recognized contributions to secure competitive government and industry research funding and external education funding.

  • I am held in high esteem by my peers and have established influence in research networks at an international level.

Research Activities

  • Conducting research in my area of expertise, Applied Data Science, Health-Centric AI, and Intelligent Vehicles, with undergraduate, graduate students, Postdoc and related researchers within university and other research institution.

  • Publishing research findings in academic journals and presenting at conferences and other academic events.

  • Securing external funding for research projects, including grants and contracts from government agencies, foundations, and industry partners.

  • Supervising graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, including providing guidance on research projects and helping to prepare them for academic/industry careers.

  • Participating in departmental and university-wide committees and initiatives related to research and academic affairs.

  • Collaborating with other researchers and institutions to advance knowledge in the field and to build research networks.

  • Mentoring junior faculty and helping to promote their research and professional development.

  • Engaging in outreach activities to share research findings with the wider community and to promote the value of research to the public.

Administrative Activities

  • I used to take on administrative roles within the department.

  • Worked as the coordinator/director of a program within the department.

  • Worked on departmental committees, for curriculum committees, search committees, accreditation committees.

  • Advising students on career matters, including helping them to choose courses and develop academic plans.

  • Participating in the recruitment and retention of students, including conducting admissions interviews and serving as a mentor for students.

  • Participating in the evaluation and promotion of faculty and staff within the department.

  • Collaborating with other faculty members to develop new courses and to revise existing ones.

  • Participating in departmental-wide initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Participating in outreach activities to engage with the community and promote the department.

  • I was also the chairman of a badminton club at the university for managing the club, including setting goals and objectives, creating a budget, and organizing events.

  • Providing leadership and mentorship to club members, helping them to develop their skills.

  • Promoting the club and its activities to the university community and beyond, including through social media and other marketing efforts.

Management Activities

  • I used to take on administrative roles to establishing the department's infrastructure and facilities

  • To building relationships with external partners and stakeholders to support the department's growth and success

  • Promotes a graduate culture of scholarship, teaching, service, and practice. Demonstrates a commitment to and capacity for teaching excellence.

  • Designing and implementing the academic and research programs of the department, including curriculum development, faculty hiring and evaluation,

and student advisement.

  • Developing and managing the department's budget, including allocating funds for research and other activities.

  • Promoting the department and its programs to external stakeholders, including potential donors, industry partners, and other academic institutions.

  • Collaborating with other departments and institutions to develop interdisciplinary research and educational programs.

  • Providing leadership and mentorship to faculty, staff, and students in the department.

  • Serving as the department's representative on university-wide committees and initiatives.

  • Working with the dean and other department heads to develop and implement policies and strategies that support the overall goals of the college or university.

  • Exercises academic freedom in teaching course content and achieving learning outcomes in accordance with university policy, procedures, and curricula.

  • Participates in program and student assessment procedures, program review, and accreditation efforts.

  • Participating in professional development and networking opportunities to stay current on developments in the field and to build relationships with other leaders

in computer science.