"Empower Innovation, Refine Analysis, Shape the Future" 

Innovate, Analyze, Predict 

The ReSENSE Lab cultivates a cutting-edge research atmosphere, bringing together committed researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs. The lab's primary objective is pushing technological boundaries through AI integration to enhance innovation, improve analysis, and influence the development of smart community services. Areas of expertise include Human-Computer Integration, Applied AI & Data Sciences, Intelligent Vehicles, and the Internet of Things. Prof. Singh's leadership extends to advanced network applications for 5G/6G and Blockchain Centric Cloud Computing. He oversees more than 15 university-industry collaborations funded by grants, resulting in significant achievements such as inventions, joint workshops, patents, published books, editorial responsibilities in proceedings, and peer-reviewed articles.

Technical Co-Chair [Springer CCIS Proceedings] ICA 2023 - 2024 

Series Co-Editor [Springer Proceedings] 2018 - 2024 


We are currently seeking potential graduates and interns from various departments, including Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Mathematics, IT, Electronics Communication, and Electrical Engineering. We are particularly interested in candidates who have a passion for interdisciplinary research and integrated technologies.

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