Innovate, Analyze, Predict 

Innovate, Analyze, Predict 

The ReSENSE Lab, led by Prof. Dhananjay Singh, is situated in the Department of Information Systems at Saint Louis University in Missouri, USA. The laboratory consists of dedicated researchers and academics who focus on developing, analyzing, and implementing innovative technologies to address community needs such as human-centric AI, applied data sciences, and intelligent vehicles, intending to analyze and predict solutions. 

The ReSENSE Lab researchers collaborate with the industries, focus on machine-learning techniques to handle big datasets in real-time application, the use of AI to enhance connected vehicles performance, the improvement of the healthcare ecosystem through AI, the utilization of advanced networks in the context of 5G/6G, and the Blockchain Centric Cloud Computing.

Professor Singh leads over 15 collaborations between universities and industries, supported by grants, resulting in tangible outcomes such as hands-on experiences, inventions, joint workshops, patents, books, editorial roles for proceedings, and peer-reviewed publications. 

Technical Co-Chair [Springer CCIS Proceedings] ICA 2023 - 2024 

Series Co-Editor [Springer Proceedings] 2018 - 2024 


We are currently seeking potential graduates and interns from various departments, including Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Mathematics, IT, Electronics Communication, and Electrical Engineering. We are particularly interested in candidates who have a passion for interdisciplinary research and integrated technologies.

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